Dining in the event hotel.

Breakfast is a full continental breakfast with eggs and sausages etc. included in the room price.

Lunch and dinnner is 12 € each – optional and need to be ordered separately.

Meal order can be done after registration via the personalized member page link received with our reply letter when your registration is accepted.


Here is the menu for the weekend:

1. Friday Lunch
– Calf ragout soup
– French onion soup
– Caesar salad
– Turkey breast strips in blue cheese sauce, jasmine rice with parsley
– Breaded chicken breast with sesame seeds, mashed potatoe
– Beef roasted with red wine, Paris potatoe balls
– Spaghetti margherita with Parmesan cheese
– Pasta squares filled with cottage cheese, vanilla sauce
– Tiramisu

2. Friday dinner
– Meat soup
– Broccoli cream soup
– Boneless breaded chicken thighs, rice with green pea
– Calf stew with dumplings
– Pork chop fried in pepper, potatoe with parsley
– Mixed iceberg lettuce salad with yogurt dill sauce
– vegetable risotto with smoked cheese in tomatoe sauce
– Chocolate-walnut pastry with blueberry jam
– Chocolate cake Stefánia

3. Saturday Lunch

– Rich pork soup with mushrooms
– Greek salad
– Honey mustard chicken breast strips with hash brown potatoes
– Pork chop with braised red cabbage, potatoe with parsley
– Eszterházy roast beef stew with gnocchi
– Spaghetti carbonara
– Pie with poppy seeds and sour cherry
– Kaiserschmarrn with apricot jam

4. Saturday dinner 

– Rich pork soup with green beens and potatoes
– Mixed spring salad with vinaigrette sauce
– Mushroom beef stew cooked with red wine, tarhonya (a traditional Hungarian egg-based pasta grain)
– Grilled chicken breast with thyme, steak potatoes with sheep cheese
– Pork medallions fried in pepper crust with ragout, french fries
– Tortellini with cheese, dill and sour sauce, royal vegetables
– Pastry roll with cottage cheese filling
– Chocolate dumpling with coconut dressing

5. Sunday Lunch

– Goulash soup
– Fitness salad with honey yogurt dressing
– Breaded African catfish with mashed potatoe
– Pork ribs with creamy mushroom sauce, jasmine rice
– chicken breast strips with pepper and mustard sauce, potato croquettes
– 4 cheese penne with smoked cheese and basil
– Eclairs
– Dumpling with plum jam

6. Sunday dinner

– Rich pork soup with dumplings
– Cauliflower soup
– Caesar salad
– Roasted chicken legs in sour cream and paprika sauce, potato croquettes
– Breaded chicken breast strips with almond, mashed potatoe with chives
– Pork ribs in ragou with bacon and pickles, rice
– Fried vegetables with smoked cheese
– Apple pie
– Noodles with poppy seed filling and vanilla sauce