Jang Widler and Estelle Bonnaire

Jang & Estelle

Jang Widler

It is while working closely with some of the best teachers in the world, such as Brandy Tobias, Michael Kiehm, Michael Kielbasa, Dawn Kiehm etc that Jang has developed his own technique and vision of teaching. Stemming from martial arts and former salsa champion, his particular approach appeals by its precision, its evidence and efficiency.
It is with Brandi Tobias’s and Michael Kiehm’s support that he embarks in 2011, in teaching professors in Europe.
Recognized as the best «Coach» in Europe, Jang is now the coach of more then 50 teachers and dancers in Europe. www.wcs-masterclass.fr
Michael Kiehm one of the legends of wcs (Champions division and Master dance instructor) wrote about Jang:
“Jang’s ability to analyze movement and break it down is topped only by his charismatic, professional approach in communicating with his students. It was an honor having him here at the Starlight. Jang has the tools needed to take your dancing to the next level”.
More info on: www.jangwidler.com

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Pj Turner and Tashina Beckmann


PJ Turner and Tashina Beckmann were brought together by a mutual passion: joy of movement through West Coast Swing.

They began their partnership in May 2013, and debuted their 1st ever Classic Routine in July 2013. Since then they have continued to place Top 5 at major US NASDE and other WSDC events in the Classic Division.
Almost immediately following their debut they started teaching at Events and workshop weekends both in the US and internationally. Promoters and students alike love their fun energetic personalities, humorous accents, professionalism, and passion for late night dancing.

Their partnership is strengthened by the fact that their individual and now mutual life dreams were to be professional dancers, and they are so grateful they get to experience this together. People often question how a long distance partnership from Tennessee to California works?
PJ & Tashina answer with “When You Love what you Do, You Find a way to make it work”.

Early on in the partnership PJ dubbed Tashina with the nickname “Taz”, to capture the spirit of her wild hair and ridiculous sounds she makes in the place of counting. PJ’s nickname “Paco Jose” stems from a misunderstanding of what PJ actually stands for, ever since then it has stuck.

Together Taz & Paco look forward to the continued journey of their West Coast Swing experience.

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