Welcome to Hungarian Open 2018

25-27 May 2018

Hotel Bara Budapest ***
34-36 Hegyalja út
H-1118 Budapest (Hungary), Hungary

Dear Friends,

By popular demand, we moved back to Budapest, so getting there will be hassle free for the most of us!
Welcome back to the Hungarian Open!
You are at the right place if you are looking to:

  • attend a smaller, friendly event with social focus, parties till breakfast
  • to save money on tickets, hotel rooms and food
  • take your dancing to the next level
  • attend an event that runs on time (organized by the BudaFest team)
  • take up to 35 hours of leveled workshops
  • spend a weekend dancing and visiting Budapest in spring!


  • Michael Kielbasa & Brandi Guild (Tobias)
  • Jakub Jakoubek & Emeline Rochefeuille
  • Jang Widler & Estelle Bonnaire
  • Doug Silton


  • We have group discounts
  • 50% party pass for Advanced
  • FREE party pass for All-stars willing to help with judging


Registration is open, join the event and stay tuned on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/161417777837653/